How to Fill Out a Schedule D Tax Worksheet

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When you buy and sell stocks, you must report your gains and losses to the Internal Revenue Service, using Schedule D. Before you start filling out that schedule, you can fill out the Worksheet for Schedule D. You can find the worksheet at the end of the IRS document "Instructions for Schedule D." This document contains steps for filling out the worksheet, but you need to gather a lot of information before you begin.

Your Stock Information

Before you follow the instructions for filling out the worksheet for Schedule D, you need to divide your stock sales into two groups. One group should contain stocks you sold after holding them for a year or less. The other group contains sales of stocks held for more than a year. You need the actual dates of purchase and sale, as well as the dollar amounts you paid or received. Make sure you have the names of the stocks, including the stock symbols. Also, determine your taxable income from form 1040, line 43, because you will need this figure for the worksheet.