What Is a Convertible Apartment?

Convertible apartments don't typically offer closet space.
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Apartments range from single-room studios of a few hundred feet to units that rival sprawling single-family homes in their square footage. A convertible apartment is usually a single-room studio that allows you to wall off or divide a wide-open area for privacy and to designate distinct living spaces.


Traditional Convertible Apartments

Convertible apartments are sometimes found in cities such as Chicago or New York, where the high demand for housing requires creative accommodations. A traditional convertible apartment may be a single room with portable dividers that separate a sleeping space from the rest of the room, for example. Some convertible apartments offer a two-room configuration with space for an additional bedroom, office or a dining area.

Reinvented Convertible Apartments

The design of the convertible apartment has changed over the years. A 2012 article at the ABC News website featured an 800-square-foot convertible apartment designed to convert into four different areas. The floor plan features an elevator bedroom that can be raised into the ceiling, revealing a sunken living area.


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