How to Get a Money Order or a Cashier's Check

How to Get a Money Order or a Cashier's Check

Step 1

Purchase a money order with cash at the United States Post Office, some grocery stores or at a bank. Money orders cost approximately $1 to $2. The funds for a money order are secured by cash paid for the money order.

Step 2

Cashier’s checks may only be purchased at a bank. The amount of the cashier’s check is secured by the banks’ funds. If the cashier's check was paid for with a personal check, debit or credit card, the amount of the cashier's check is taken from the account used for purchase when the check is cashed. The fee for a cashier’s check varies depending on the financial institution from approximately $3 to $5.

Step 3

Be prepared to present valid photo identification for cashier’s checks or money orders for over $3,000. Each bank has its only policy for identification requirements for purchasing money orders or cashier’s checks.