What Are Industry Trends?

What Are Industry Trends?
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A trend is a direction, a general course following a tendency or a style. There are trends in business, fashion, lifestyles, languages and education. Industry trends have a big impact on people, culture, markets and company profits.



An industry trend is important to a company's success and significance. It foretells a future, impacts the present and forgives a fruitless past.


Trends help an investor decide if a company is a good investment. Trends help a job seeker decide if an employment opportunity is a good move. Trends provide data, analysis, statistics, references, considerations and guidelines.



When brown is the new black and short skirts were so last year, a new fashion trend has emerged. Many trend forecasters rely on cues, instinct, travel, people watching, shopping, dining out, media reports and research.


A celebrity, a public figure or a group can influence an industry trend. Their likes, dislikes, style, comments and endorsements can spell profits and sales for companies.



Industry trends are not fads, but they can, and they do, come and go. Increased or decreased usage and the direction of an industry's trend activity over a period of time is an excellent indicator of sustainability.


Industry trends benefit and have an impact on employee benefits, health care, salaries and workplace environments. Trends can be followed, but they are also constantly changing.