How to Make Money Doing Nothing

Everyone wants to make money doing nothing!

Everyone wants to make money doing nothing. The concept is known as "passive income" and it's quickly become the new American Dream. It's also impossible. The goal is to make money fast and easy, but it always requires some action that needs to be taken on your part. The good news is that once you start on the passive income path, you can continue to make money doing nothing beyond your initial effort.

Step 1

Think of the best way to make money doing nothing! (photo by Scott Robinson)

Set realistic goals. If you think that you're going to put in four or five hours of work and the cash is going to start rolling in, think again. If you want to make money doing nothing beyond your initial efforts, those efforts have to reflect your desired results. The amount of prep work involved in making $1,000 a month in passive income is significantly greater than the prep work to make $100.

Step 2

Residuals from writing is a great way to make money doing nothing! (photo by greekgod)

Choose a method. Since the goal here is to make money doing nothing, you need to find a venture that pays residuals. Probably the best method is to write for a content sharing site like eHow, Bukisa or Associated Content. Some sites pay up front for articles and then residuals based on page views. If you write useful, high-quality content, you will find that you will make money quick and easy and the potential for growth is exponentially greater the more effort you put in up front.

Step 3

Affiliate links are a great way to increase your passive income! (photo by brokenarts)

Join an affiliate program. There are great sites out there like ClickBank and Commission Junction that earn you a percentage of any sales that comes from your promotion. If you place an affiliate link in a relevant article, you can easily make money doing nothing more than promoting that product. Another great method is to create a website around a niche product of your choosing and than watching the residuals come in from your affiliate links. There are programs available such as Google Sniper which shows you how to potentially earn hundreds of dollars every month on sites that you only have to spend 2-3 hours on and then never touch again. If that isn't a way to make money doing nothing, what is?

Step 4

Don't overdo it, the goal is to make money by doing nothing, remember? (Photo by tdenham)

Gauge your efforts. Your goal is to make money doing nothing, remember? That's great, but if you find that your initial efforts are taking too much time and the returns are too few to justify the hours you're expending, you have to rethink and adjust your methods. Remember, there is a potentially decent passive income to be made with a minimum of effort, but the odds of getting rich this way are miniscule. Keep your head about you and realize that this is not an all-or-nothing venture. Remember this key point and you're already ahead of the curve!


Look for steady increases in your passive income. Results won't be spectacular at first, but you should see a somewhat steady growth to justify your efforts


Stay away from ventures that ask you for money, personal information or ask you to sign up for services. In the best case you'll get a ton of spam. In the worst, you're identity could be stolen! Do not lie, cheat, steal or plagiarize! You will be found out and you will lose that opportunity forever!