What Is Uninsured Motor Vehicle Insurance?

If you get in a car accident that is not your fault, the other motorist's insurance is responsible for covering the cost of your car repairs and any medical bills associated with the accident. Unfortunately depending on the state where you live, if the other motorist is not insured, you may become liable for all of the loss unless you have the protection of uninsured motor vehicle insurance.



Uninsured motor vehicle insurance provides financial protection in the event of an accident that is caused by a motorist who does not have insurance, has too little insurance to pay for the damage, or flees the scene.

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Types of Coverage

Motor vehicle insurance covers yourself, any other person that is named in the uninsured motorist policy, and anyone traveling in your car. The policy pays for repairs or replacement of your vehicle and medical bills.



Uninsured motor vehicle insurance is good up to a face amount established by the policy, such as $50,00 or $100,000. Any costs that exceed this amount are not covered by the policy.


In exchange for uninsured motor vehicle insurance, you must pay a premium or fee either monthly, several times per year or annually. The cost of the insurance varies greatly depending on where you live, the type of insurance that you hav,e and how much coverage you receive.



In some states, uninsured motor vehicle insurance is mandated to be a part of every auto insurance policy. if you are unsure whether your policy includes uninsured motorist coverage, contact your agent.