How to Find Life Insurance Policies of the Deceased

Life insurance that is purchased by a relative or loved one is typically purchased to provide support and security when a death occurs. However, some individuals may neglect or forget to mention that a life insurance policy exists before they are gone. This can create problems for family members who will then need to try and search for information for the policy. Finding a life insurance policy of a deceased family member can be done once you know where to look.

Search through any canceled checks for information. The name of the life insurance company should be listed if any premium payments were made by check.

Look through old credit card statements. If a relative ever paid the life insurance premium with a credit card the name of the company should be listed on the statement.

Contact any former employers to see if a group health insurance policy existed. You should check with the last employer first because coverage may have been in effect when the relative died.

Check with any other family members to see if they have any information. Many times a brother or sister may have information about life insurance that was purchased years ago.

Track down the life insurance agent or insurance agency that sold the policy. An insurance agency may have old records file for clients that have purchased a policy.