How to Send a Cashier's Check

How to Send a Cashier's Check
You can go to a bank in person or send a cashier’s check online.

Traditional Cashier's Checks

Go to a branch of your bank or credit union and ask the teller for a cashier’s check. You might need to show identification. Furnish the teller with the name of the payee and the amount of the check. You must either give the teller the appropriate amount of cash or have funds in your account to cover the cashier’s check and the bank’s fee. The teller makes out the check to the payee and an authorized bank employee signs it. The bank takes the money to cover the cashiers’ check out of your account at this time. You can drop the check in an envelope and mail it to the payee just as you would a personal check.

Online Cashier's Checks

Some banks and financial institutions let you send cashier’s checks using an online account. Log on to your account and follow the prompts to enter the amount, the name of the payee and the payee’s mailing address. The bank deducts the check amount plus a processing fee from your account and mails the cashier’s check to the payee on your behalf, typically the next business day.