How to Do a Home Budget Worksheet

Use a budget worksheet to keep track of your household finances.

A home budget worksheet can help you keep your household finances on track. You can create a budget worksheet with computer software or find one online that will adapt to your changing home budget needs. When following a home budget, you can make sure you are not spending beyond your means.


Step 1

List all income for your home at the top of your budget worksheet.

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Step 2

Divide your household expenses -- such as a mortgage, car payments, insurance, child care, groceries, entertainment and savings -- into categories on your budget worksheet.

Step 3

Prioritize your expenses on your home budget worksheet so you first pay fixed expenses, then home or family needs and finally personal needs.


Step 4

Make a category on your home budget worksheet called "Miscellaneous" for home expenses that don't fit neatly into your standard categories. Include a budget line on the worksheet for emergencies and home maintenance and for savings for big purchases.

Step 5

Record your projected household budget amount in one column on your worksheet and the actual income and expenses for each budget period in another column.


Make cuts in areas of personal spending by using accountability and tracking and setting a personal home spending allowance.

Things You'll Need

  • Budget worksheet or spreadsheet software

  • Financial records


Be careful not to project unrealistic home income and expense amounts in your budget sheet.


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