How to Find a Free Tax Lawyer


If you have IRS problems you need a lawyer. If you can not afford one then you need to find a free tax lawyer. They may not be the best lawyer ever, but you do not want to try to defend yourself against the IRS.

Step 1

When you know that you need a free tax lawyer you should first call your local legal aid office. They will have someone or at least know of someone who will take you case on for you. This is the best place to find a free tax lawyer.

Step 2

Talk to your local IRS office. If you can show that you can not afford a tax lawyer then they will help you petition the court to have a free tax lawyer appointed to you.

Step 3

Try to get a tax lawyer who worked for the IRS if possible or at least one who has handled many cases. But, if you are getting a free tax lawyer you might have to just take who ever you can find.