How to Get Money for Free

Money for Free

There are lots of ways to get money for free. Remember that free means without cost. Working or time of any kind is a cost. Contrary to the way most free money articles are written, this article will stick to things that really are free.


Step 1

You can find money for free in all kinds of places. Some of my favorites are the couch, the dryer, my own pockets and junk drawers. The reality is that the change that collects in these places rarely makes it out and almost never makes it into your bank account. Make it a point as you are on the couch watching Bonanza to stick your hand down in the cushions and see what you find.

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Step 2

Find it. Pay phones and vending machines have a little slot where the change drops out if you put too much cash in. This is a great place to get money for free as people often don't bother to grab their dime or nickel or whatever. Also, as you walk around, especially in malls and department stores, keep your eyes on the ground. There is change and even bills kicking around all the time, you just don't notice it. The great thing is that this does not require any extra effort.


Step 3

Ask for it. In order for this to fit into the theme of the article, you will have to do this randomly as you go throughout your day. That's the most effective way anyway plus it keeps you from appearing as a transient.

Step 4

Clean the car. Seriously, it needs it anyway. Make it a point to clean out the pennies from underneath the seat. Even pennies add up. Stick your hands down in all the crevices. You never know where you will find money for free.


You can use step one on anyone's couch, although you may want to ask permission to keep the money you find. If you find a notable amount of money that is not yours, you should turn it into the police department. If no one claims it, you get it so it is still money for free. Collect all your tidbits of free money for free in a jar and let it add up.