How to Increase Social Security by up to 1,000$ $$

How to Increase  Social Security by up to 1,000$ $$
rock your money!

Give yourself a raise. Increase your social security check up to $1,000 a month. Using one simple form: SSS-521, and careful planning.

See resource box for form web address. Alternatively use this form to plan early retirement, invest and then recalculate your retirement. (see resource box for the retire early link)

Social Security increased pay
Social Security raise give extra cash needed today!

Pay back previous payouts to you, minus taxes paid. I will leave it to you to determine if reverse mortgage or cashing in your stocks will be worthwhile. Check resource box below for forum where you might gain more direction. A financial consultant may be helpful in advising course of action. Do not pay anyone to do this all for you.

Save THOUSANDS up to $12,000 a year with changes

Fill out the socials security form SSA 521. see resource box. You pay back your previous payout minus the taxable portion. Return and wait 3-4 weeks for changes to take place. Use certified mail so that you can track information. Remember this is potential savings of up to $12,000 per year if you are alrady drawing SS. If you have yet to retire it is potential 7-10 years of tax free money for investments. In just 5 years that is a potential 40,000 - 60,000 for investment tax free.