How to Trade Stocks For Free

The stock market is a great place to earn some extra money to spend on your house or your car. It's also a great place to pretend like its Vegas, go big, and leave all of your chips at the table. Typically, trading stocks on the market costs money, but who says you have to spend money to make money.

How to Trade Stocks For Free

Step 1

Visit the Zecco website or another free stock trading site. There are limitations how much and how often you can trade, but trading is free within those limits. If you are an avid stock trader, you'll probably want to buy a subscription to another site.

Step 2

Open an account on the site. Signing up is free as well. True, with all this free stuff flying around, there should be a catch somewhere. The catch is pretty much laid out up front: you can't trade as much as other people for free.

Step 3

Buy stocks. It's a simple two-word sentence, but it's much easier said than done. Buying stock isn't hard, but buying good stock requires a little bit of knowledge about the market. Read the Wall Street Journal, watch financial shows, read a book on trading or watch the stock market itself. Do anything, but don't just jump in there and start spending money. You won't have any fun playing a game you don't understand.

Step 4

Trade your stock as it goes up in value. By paying close attention to your stocks trends, you should be able to tell when it has reached its peak and when it is a good time to trade it. Just like gambling, trading a stock is a sort of "get-out-while-you-are-ahead" endeavor. If you stay too long, you'll probably lose all you've earned. Nothing is static in the stock market.

Step 5

Contact a stockbroker if you are having trouble trading or are losing money. The worst way to go after money you've lost is to do it hastily and without careful thought. A stockbroker will have lots of wise words to impart on you as well as some helpful advice.