What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Spending Habits

Image Credit: VeraPetruk/iStock/GettyImages

Habitual horoscope readers, listen up! Based on our sign we all know who we're compatible with, what kind of retrograde our moons are in, and what kind of personality traits we've inherited because of our birthdays. But have you ever stopped and wondered if your Zodiac sign means anything in regards to your spending? Well, it does! From Aquarius to Leo, we've got the low down on all things money when it comes to your sign.


Pisces, you are known for your character, strength, and work ethic, but they you tend to have an addictive personality. So take that strength and determination and use it towards saving your pennies. You've got it in you.


Aries, you lucky saver, you have the innate ability to make goals and then achieve them. So this will fit in perfectly to any sort of money-making/money-saving feat set in front of you. On the flip side, you can be a bit impulsive -- this could lead to making money decisions that may harm your bank account. While your spontaneous nature may lead to exciting adventures with friends and relationships, save it for your personal life and keep your financial life on lock.


Taurus, you don't give up without a fight. You'll go to any extreme to get what you want, which is wonderful when it comes to money. You'll take on that DIY project. You'll skip a night out with friends (and bottle service) to save a couple extra bucks. You're stubborn, but it works -- just don't let that stubborn attitude of yours get in the way of your happiness.


You're the life of the party, Gemini! You love to be around people and laugh and have a great time, which is wonderful, except when you're trying your best to save a couple dollars. Maybe instead of a nice night out, have your pals over for a movie and wine night. Keep your social prowess but also keep those bills in your wallet. Win-win!


Cancer, all you want is adventure and freedom. You want to be comfortable and secure in your financial world to feel like you can be free from all the ties of bills and loans and debt. You can live on the basics, which works in your favor. Minimalism and frugality means that you can live that life of financial freedom you crave.


Oh Leo, you have a gift! You can look towards the future, consider your options, and then make a plan. You probably don't even know what debt is. You plan and crunch numbers and prepare for the future as best you can. You're a planner. You're a doer. You love the lux life, which can also set you up for some unrealistic expectations, but with that go-getter attitude, anything is possible.


Virgo, why are you so closed off? You're super private. Keeping your finances private is totally fine, just make sure to reach out to those around you if you need help. If you want to be frugal, be frugal -- but don't forget that sometimes it's helpful to have people around you to help keep you on track with savings and money goals.


You're so creative and you love the life of luxury. Make sure that you can keep your wits about you when making financial decisions. A creative brain plus a taste for the finer things can be a recipe for disaster. Luckily, you also can use that creative mind for good and come up with new ways to save a few pennies.


You love to know every detail, Scorpio. You crave knowledge-inside and out. You don't take any chances when it comes to your money, which is great. You read every bill item by item. You take great care in your checkbook. You don't miss a beat. Teach us your ways!


Are you ever sad, Sag? Your positive vibes burst from your chest like that alien did int that one scary movie. You always look on the bright side of life, so when financial woes get you down, you don't fret -- just don't let that optimism become reckless. Keep your head out of the clouds, and keep saving.


You don't mind waiting for that delayed gratification, Capricorn. You're a great saver and you meticulously count your coins. You research and compare and hold out for a great bargain when it comes to a big purchase. You don't take chances. Just make sure to have some fun every now and then, Cappy.


Aquarius, you're a natural born leader. You don't care what others think and you take your own path to happiness. Your money habits may not be conventional, but they work for you. As long as you can nail down some great budgeting tactics, you're going to feel financial freedom before you know it.