Here Are Your Money Goals for 2017

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A new year is upon us. That means everyone is focused on one thing: how they can make this year better than the last, usually as it pertains to health or money.


While I can't really help you on the health front, I can give you some millennial money goals for 2017.

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Start investing ASAP

Millennials are not investing in the stock market. This means they are giving up on dividends, compounding interest and a chance to actually retire.

Look, I came of age during The Great Recession too. I saw the markets tank just like you did. But nearly a century of data will back me up when I say that investing in the stock market is going to help you build wealth.


Sure, some years you get a 2008. But we've had a bull market ever since. If you haven't been investing in the last few years, you've given up money.

Find another source of income

The biggest lesson I learned during The Great Recession and my stint as a recruiter is to always have money coming from different places.

Just like you would diversify your investments to ride out changes in the stock market, so too should you find ways to diversify your income.


I interviewed way too many people who lost their jobs from one week to the next with nothing to fall back on. Don't be one of those people.

Fortunately, the internet makes this easy. You can make money on Etsy, you can freelance, and you can even make money promoting stuff on your social media profiles. Heck, you drive for Uber on weekends and make a nice chunk of change!

Set up that emergency fund

It recently came out that nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 saved for emergencies. This means you're one nasty car repair or emergency room visit away from financial disaster. And no, I'm not being overly dramatic.


Make 2017 the year you finally save up money for those times when life throws you a major curve ball. Because, quite frankly, emergencies aren't a matter of if, they are a matter of when.

Make a name for yourself this year

This isn't a financial goal per say, but it can help your career.

In recent months, I've had countless conversations with creative millennials who want to make careers out of writing, photography, film, blogging, or whatever makes their heart sing.


If you happen to be one of them, here's your permission slip to go for it this year. Learning how to make money doing what you love will be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself in life. Don't waste the opportunity.