How to Tell You're Slaying This Whole Budget Thing

You've been working diligently at tracking your spending, transferring money to your savings accounts, consistently making payments towards your debt, and more. You are starting to feel good about your finances and the progress you've made...but how can you tell that you are slaying this whole budget thing?

You have more money at the end of your month

Before you started budgeting consistently, you probably found that you didn't have much of an idea where your money was going each month. Maybe you even ran out of money a few times?

Now that you've been tracking your expenses and income through your budget, things have changed and you rarely find yourself stuck in a financial bind. This is a good sign that your budget game is strong.

Your bills are paid - on time

Late fees? What are those? You can't remember the last time you paid a late fee because you've been paying all your bills on time. You have even taken things a step further and cut out the unnecessary monthly expenses that you had. High five budget slayer!

You actually have a savings account balance

Remember when you'd check your savings account and sigh at the pitiful balance? Well, not anymore. Now you are bulking up your emergency fund with automated transfers, you are saving for your goals, and you can even afford to splurge a little - in cash, of course.

You are actively knocking down your debt

Spending money you don't have on credit cards is a thing of the past. Not only have you been making payments towards your debt, but you are paying more than the minimums and you have a plan. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and you are focused on getting to it. You rule.

You don’t wake up stressing about your finances

Every single dollar you earn each month now has a purpose and this is all thanks to your budget. Your finances are organized, you know how you are spending your money, and you are meeting all your monthly financial commitments. The days of waking up in a cold sweat are long gone. Now you sleep like a rich little baby.

So if you've been wondering how you are doing with your budget and you can relate to any of these, you deserve a round of applause! You are most certainly slaying your budget - keep it up!