How to Start a Janitorial Business

Many people want to start a business, yet choosing the right type of business isn't easy. There are several opportunities, and some people are interested in different ventures. However, if you're looking for a business that requires little or no investment, a janitorial or office cleaning business may be the answer.

Step 1

Create a business name and apply for a business license. A janitorial business can provide full-time income or extra cash. Before opening your business, decide on a company name. Register the name with the city or county and obtain a business license. The average business license fee is $50.

Step 2

Design a logo, stationary and business card. Janitorial businesses normally target professional office buildings. Thus, it's important to run a professional service. Create a business logo and design a stationary that features your company's logo.

Step 3

Outline long-term goals for the janitorial business. You can start a janitorial business and clean the office buildings yourself, or you can hire a team of cleaners. The latter offers a hands-off approach, in which your job entails managing the business and earning passive income.

Step 4

Draft a business contract. A cleaning contract is necessary and it outlines the services you plan to offer (dusting, vacuuming, buffing floors, etc), and the price per cleaning. Contracts are legal documents, so your clients are obligated to honor the agreement. Before rendering services, make sure your clients sign the document.

Step 5

Obtain bonding insurance for the business. If you plan to hire employees, contact an insurance broker and acquire bonding insurance. In the event that one of your employees steals from a client, the bonding company will cover the cost.

Step 6

Find a wholesaler and buy cleaning supplies. Some clients provide their own cleaning equipment and supplies. Still, it's good to have your own supply of products. Look for a discount supplier or buy cleaning supplies in bulk from wholesale clubs.

Step 7

Advertise the janitorial business. There are several ways to find office cleaning contracts. You can place an ad in the local classifieds, mail postcards or walk into businesses and introduce yourself. Carry a stack of business cards and create a flyer that briefly highlights your services.

Things You'll Need

  • Business license

  • Company name and logo

  • Janitorial contract

  • Cleaning supplies and products

  • Bonding insurance