How to Get Money to Move After a Foreclosure

Get Money to Move After a Foreclosure

Ever heard of "Cash for Keys"? Most people haven't and the banks don't want you to hear about it. You can get money from the bank or other non-profit agencies to help you move after a foreclosure.

Step 1

First I will talk about the Cash for Keys program. This program was designed for banks to avoid the eviction process and to reward the homeowner for leaving the house intact without any damage to the home. It allows for money to be given to the homeowner when the house has been foreclosed on. A lot of times the homeowner doesn't want to go thru the eviction process but has no money to move into a new place. The bank will normally tell the homeowner they will give them $500-$1000 but the rate should be 1% of the home's value. Advise the bank or the company managing the bank's business transaction with you that you need the full 1% of the home's value in order to afford to get a new place. I don't recommend blackmailing the bank but advise them you were offered X amount of dollars for your kitchen cabinets and appliances which is normally what has happened. Homeowners normally try to sell everything out of the home like the stove, kitchen cabinets, etc. just to get the money they need.

Step 2

You can also obtain monetary assistance from different governmental and non-profit agencies to help you move. These are a little hard to locate and are different in every state. This is where the internet helps.

Step 3

Another way to get money to help you move after a foreclosure is to have an "Estate Sale". Don't have a "Yard Sale". When people see the words "Estate Sale" their ears perk up. They know when there is an estate sale that there will be lots of stuff for sale.


If the bank won't budge on the amount try talking with a HUD approved counselor. Sometimes they can't talk to the bank for you. It may take a couple of hours to find the programs in your state that help get you money to move. Start with the local HUD office for resources. Mark your estate sale prices a little higher than you want for it that way when the customer trys to deal you can say sure and get the price you wanted for it to begin with and the customer also feels they got a deal.


If the bank still won't budge after trying several times and talking with a counselor then go ahead and settle.

Things You'll Need

  • Name of the company that left a letter on your front door advising you that you have 3 days to vacate.

  • Phone

  • Pen & Paper

  • Internet