How to Move Out of Your Parent's House - Quick!

How to Move Out of Your Parent's House - Quick!
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Overextending yourself during move-in can make it hard to afford your first rent payment. Pay close attention to your budget and purchase only necessary furniture, such as a bed, if you are low on money.


Inform your parents of your plan. They may be willing to help turn on your utilities if you need a co-signer.

Whether you are not getting along with your family or just ready for a taste of freedom, getting out of your parent's house is a big step to being a successful adult. Quickly getting out of your parent's house can relieve the anxiety of long-term planning, but you must be ready for a few sacrifices to make it work, especially if you have limited funds. How quickly you are able to move will also depend on the renting market in the place you choose to live.


Step 1

Search for an apartment complex with no deposit or application fee. If there are a large number of vacant apartments in the community you are moving to, you may also find complexes offering a free month's rent.

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Step 2

Complete the application and secure a move-in date. When apartment complexes are advertising big discounts, they typically have a large number of vacant apartments and they may be willing to move you in as soon as the next day. Ask friends to help you move on your move-in date.


Step 3

Search for used furniture at thrift stores in your community. When you are trying to move quickly on a low budget, used furniture is easy on your budget and often easy to find.

Step 4

Call the utility companies that service your new apartment to have utilities turned on if the complex does not handle all the utilities. You may need a deposit for services, and this can end up being your biggest moving expense if you have bad credit.

Step 5

Shop at a discount store for other necessities for your new home such as dishes, cooking utensils, bath towels and toilet paper. If you move in early enough during the day, accomplish this your first evening in your new home.