How to Ask Rich People for Money

How to Ask Rich People for Money
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How to Ask Rich People for Money. Wealthy people are often looking for investments. Many are willing to consider proposals if you can illustrate a need and a worthwhile endeavor. If you want to ask rich people for money, however, you must be sensible and thorough.

Step 1

Approach the situation professionally. An elegant letterhead on a formal letter will help you open doors that a casual email probably won't.

Step 2

Discuss the nature of your need when you make the formal request for money. Rich people are like anyone else in that they prefer to be treated with respect and tact.

Step 3

Send along a detailed prospectus of how you intend to use the money if they give it to you. Having something tangible in hand makes your request exponentially more persuasive.

Step 4

Dress appropriately once you secure a face to face interview. Rich people will be more likely to trust you with your money if you already have the appearance of someone who is successful; looking like you desperately need the money will make your proposal less attractive.

Step 5

Stay in touch with your benefactor once you have secured the funds. In some ways you have entered into a work relationship with the investor and they will expect you to answer to them.

Step 6

Maintain cordial social relations with your investor at all costs. If the project you are currently working on is successful, the investor might be a resource for future projects as well.