How to Tax Free Shop in Nevada

How to Tax Free Shop in Nevada. Although Nevada brings to mind images of Las Vegas and lots of high-end retailers, don't expect to shop tax free. Nevada does not participate in the United States' tax free shopping days, so US residents have limited access to tax free shopping in the state. However, each state offers loopholes and duty free options for international travelers.


Expect a Tax in Nevada

Step 1

Shop at the duty free store in the McCarren International Airport in Nevada, which serves Las Vegas and other neighboring areas. This is an option for international travelers only. The duty free shop mirrors the shopping experience of the city of Las Vegas, with its designer perfumes, watches and other luxurious duty free goods.


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Step 2

Shop for vehicles sold by private parties in the state of Nevada. This is one of the few purchases that can be made without an additional sales tax.

Step 3

Make a note that as of January 1, 2006, changes were made to the tax laws in Nevada. As of that date, aircrafts, their engines and parts--as well as fine art and professional racing vehicles--are now considered taxable items. These major purchases used to be deemed tax free in the state of Nevada.


Step 4

Keep in mind that many Nevada residents are hoping for a break in sales tax. Other states such as Florida, Massachusetts and Texas have proved that tax free holidays and tax cuts often help increase revenue instead of hurting it. Keep an eye on the tax holiday dates in upcoming years to see if the state of Nevada decides to add itself to the list.



Step 5

Purchase a business tax free in Nevada. Under certain circumstances, you can use your retirement funds--such as a 401k or IRA--to finance a business tax free in Nevada.


You can still save money while shopping in Nevada, even if you have to pay sales tax. The state offers a large number of premium outlet stores--even in its remote desert areas--that provide excellent discounts on brand-name items.


Be careful about spending money in Nevada, specifically in Las Vegas. With the high tax rate in the city as well as many expensive options for lodging, shopping, gambling and entertainment, budgets are often forgotten.



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