How to Buy a Savings Bond as a Gift

Government savings bond and hundred dollar bills.
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The United States Treasury stopped selling paper savings bonds after 2011, but you can still buy savings bonds as gifts. Gift bonds are available as electronic savings bonds through TreasuryDirect on its website. Electronic bonds have some advantages. You buy them online, so there's no need for a trip to the bank. Plus, electronic bonds can't get lost or damaged. You must set up an account with TreasuryDirect to buy a gift savings bond.

Gift Savings Bonds Online

Go to your TreasuryDirect account to buy a gift savings bond. The person receiving the bond must also have a TreasuryDirect account. If she doesn't, you can still purchase the bond. You'll just have to wait to deliver it until the recipient gets an account set up. On the BuyDirect page, follow the prompts to register the recipient by entering her name and Social Security number. Select the bond series and amount, and how you will pay. TreasuryDirect sells two types of savings bonds: Series EE and Series I. You can also print out a gift certificate if you wish. It usually takes one business day for the purchase to be processed and show up on your Gift Box page. You have to hold gift bonds in the Gift Box for five business days or until the recipient creates her own account. To deliver the bond, follow the prompts to enter her account number and submit the delivery request.

Setting up an Account

If you do not already have a TreasuryDirect account, set one up on the website (see Resources) and advise your recipient to do the same.

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