Halloween Looks From Your Own Makeup Bag: Ventriloquist Dummy

Image Credit: sapling.com

So, you want to creep out all your friends, but you don't want to spend any money? We've got you covered! I was able to create this living doll look with just the makeup already in my cosmetic bag. Check it out:

The eyes are easy, just do a dark lid and heavy mascara. Use a white pencil to fill in the whole under-eye area. Using a liquid liner, outline the white and draw little eyelashes. From there you just use black eye shadow to contour your nose and cheeks. Draw straight lines from the corners of your mouth to your jawline. Fill in the cheeks with your brightest blush and use your reddist lipstick to make a lifelike dummy face.

Grab a blazer and a bow-tie from your closet to complete the costume. The best part? You can tell corny jokes all night long! Now get out there and break some hearts!