Halloween Looks From Your Own Makeup Bag: Old Lady

Image Credit: sapling.com

Look spooky at your Halloween party without spending a dime! You can create this fully convincing Old Lady makeup in just a few minutes using the products you already have in your cosmetic bag.

The video makes it look easy, and it is! I am no makeup artist and was able to achieve this look with minimal effort. Scrub your face clean and squish it all together in the mirror. Now just go over those natural lines and wrinkles with dark eye shadow, then define them further with black eye shadow. Pretty much you want to highlight all of the things you normally try to hide. Yes, it's very scary.

Want to finish off the look? Go through your wardrobe and see what you're working with. You could be a sexy grandma, a fancy grandma, or a sporty grandma just by wearing the clothes you already have on hand. Now get out there and get creepin'.