Stuck at Home? Reset Your Finances

Image Credit: CreativeDJ/E+/GettyImages

It's easy to think of life under pandemic lockdown as an unending, wall-climbing grind. But we all have to choose to find ways out of that mindset, or else it becomes inescapable. That means finding ways of putting a positive spin on things, which means your self-quarantine might be just the time to try a financial cleanse.


As a health practice, "cleanses" are pretty discredited, but there's never a bad moment to reassess your spending habits. Lots of bloggers and even legacy companies have basic tips on organizing your experiment, but overall, it comes down to four simple steps:

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  1. Plan your schedule and budget.
  2. Track your spending over a period of time.
  3. Set new goals for your spending.
  4. Apply and profit.

You can take a couple of different angles on your process. One might simply be improving your financial literacy, which can pay dividends for your entire life. You might think more mindfully about how you splurge, or how shopping makes you feel, or even your relationship to things-we-buy in general. If you're already doing your best to keep spending to a minimum, check in with yourself about what you're really getting from the frugal lifestyle. Then again, if you're all about building wealth, add in some small, simple habits to make your journey more successful.


It's going to be great whenever we're safe enough to rejoin the world at large. It could be even better to do so with a clear head about what you really want from it.