The Least Stressful Notification Schedule Might Surprise You

It is impossible to catch a break sometimes — literally. Your phone might scream for your attention dozens of times each day with push notifications, alerts, and even the odd ring tone for a call. If you're looking to declutter your attention, the perfect schedule might be on the way.

Oddly enough, going cold turkey is not the best method for most people. If you're used to integrating your phone into your daily habits, checking it several times an hour (to say the least), you might actually get stressed worrying about what you're missing. Instead, according to reporting by Business Insider, consider a staggered schedule. Duke University research suggests that three times a day — yes, total — might be the sweet spot.

Most Duke study participants found that limiting their notifications made them more "intentional" about checking their phones. Humans are terrible at the kind of multitasking constant interruptions require; it can take us 25 minutes to get back on track, and nobody's got that kind of time all day. Not only that, but we can expect to spend five and a half years of our lives on social media, all things considered.

The Duke researchers have developed an app to help us compromise. Those participants who received bulk notifications at 9 a.m., 3 p.m., and 9 p.m. reported the best results. Daywise can schedule those batches for you, once it's released ("within the next few weeks," according to the team). The study was conducted with Android phones only, so whether the app will be available for iPhone remains to be seen.

Until then, consider muting and hiding your phone during the day. Set a reminder for yourself to check only at certain times. It might change a lot about how you relate to information overload.