New Job? Here's the Best Way to Become Part of the Team

All your hard work has paid off, from the endless applications to the intensive rounds of interviews and the process of extracting yourself from your old job. Now you're in a new role, surrounded by new people and tasked with new responsibilities. You're super eager to fit in, which is both awesome and normal. There's a way to do just that without burning yourself out first.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University wanted to find a way to help new employees who find themselves overwhelmed and sometimes quit a new job within their first few months. If you're the new kid, you're probably looking for a way in with your colleagues. The TAU researchers found one common strategy was to offer emotional support — to frame oneself as the "in-house psychologist," so to speak.

While work norms are changing, especially in offices with younger employees, many still find discussing personal or relationship issues generally inappropriate and off the table. Even more so, offering to shoulder other people's emotional burdens, without reciprocation, is a fast track to burnout even when they're already your friends. There's a better way to ingratiate yourself to your workmates, thankfully. All it takes is being open to learning and asking.

If you're worrying about what to do, ask a co-worker if they need help with a practical task. It helps you learn a new skill, build relationships, stay focused on your work, and show others what you add to the team. Talk to your supervisor about this too — management can arrange for you to help others if they know you're looking for opportunities. You'll be glad you can leave fraught emotions out of your workday too.