5 Common Interview Questions That Are Actually Illegal

You've prepared for the job interview, you've brushed up on your skills and polished your resume. But you get to the interview and the questions make you a little bit uncomfy. Guess what, there are a lot of questions that you straight up don't legally need to answer. Does that mean you won't get the job? It might. But do you really want to be working for a place that is pushing you to answer illegal questions?

The caveat of course is that if the question directly relates to the job it can be asked, but those instances are few and far between.

So what types of questions are a straight up no? Anything about your race, sexual orientation, age, religion, are totally off limits. If they're asked to you, you don't need to answer them. Here are a few specific questions that you don't need to answer.

1. Do you have any outstanding debt?

Employers don't have the right to ask about your financial standing, and they need to ask permission before asking about your credit history.

2. Do you have children?

This is usually a thinly veiled question really asking about how committed you'll be to the job. You don't need to answer it.

3. Have you ever been arrested?

They can ask you if you've ever been convicted of a crime, but they can't actually ask about your arrest record.

4. Is English your first language?

Again, super not legal. They can ask you which languages you are fluent in, but not if English is your first.

5. Will you be taking off time for religious holidays?

Once again, religion is super off-limits. No need to answer that.