Recent Study Shows Getting Laid May Help You to Like Your Job More

If you're dissatisfied with your job, the answer may lie in turning on the music and lighting some candles when you get home— whatever gets you in the mood. A new study, published in the Journal of Management and conducted by Oregon State University, suggests that getting freaky in the sheets results in higher job satisfaction and engagement the streets.


So, if you're feeling "meh" about your job, if you can't seem to stop procrastinating, or if you know that you're going to have a busy day, a romp in the sack might be a great way to tackle those problems. The catch? Similar to Cinderella's spell, there's a ticking clock. A visit to the bone zone only affected participants' job satisfaction the next day, so you're going to have to make it a regular practice if you want to change how you feel about your job on the whole.

The study also suggested, "daily work-to-family strain-based conflict significantly reduced the likelihood of engaging in sex that evening." In other words, if work and home are stressing you out, you're not going to want to get busy. We know. You're shocked.

Still, as far as studies go, this is one we're excited to test for ourselves.