3 Female-Led Financial Podcasts You Need in Your Life Right Now

Wish you had a close friend you could confide your money worries, goals, and questions to -- and actually get good advice? You may not have that person in your social circles right now, but you could have her in your ear.

These women-led financial podcasts are like the financially-savvy friend you always wanted. They're experts in their fields and have decades of experience between them. They produce frequent podcasts that cover everything from saving money and actually sticking to a budget to investing wisely and creating generational wealth -- plus everything in-between.

These are the top 3 shows you need to queue up today.

1. Brunch & Budget on Bondfire Radio

A few years ago, Pam Capalad sat with her friend around a fire pit, engaged in casual conversation. Her friend mentioned she really wanted help with her money, but was afraid to talk about it.

Capalad, a Certified Financial Planner, said the two should chat about it over brunch. Her friend lit up and exclaimed, "Yes! Let's do a brunch and budget!"

The phrase sparked an idea in Capalad, who wanted to make financial advice accessible, friendly, and truly personal. She started her own financial planning firm, Brunch & Budget -- and soon after, launched a podcast by the same name.

The Brunch & Budget podcast is co-hosted by Capalad's partner, Dramatic Dyalekt, and together, the pair talks about everything from finances to social injustices. The rapport they have together, combined with the tough topics they tackle with intelligence, wit, and integrity, make the show an incredible gem that's well worth a weekly listen.

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2. So Money

What if you could have a casual conversation about money with, say... Tony Robbins? Or Danielle LaPorte?

Farnoosh Torabi lets podcast listeners sit in on these kinds of conversations every day with her podcast, So Money. Torabi is an establish TV and media personality known for focusing on financial topics, and is also the author of When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women.

Some of the most popular episodes include this one featuring guest Emily Williams. Williams was in $30,000 worth of credit card debt and $90,000 worth of student loan debt when she had a meltdown in her twenties. She tells the story of how she pulled it together, turned things around, and now helps others do the same.

This daily podcast will provide you with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and tangible tips that you can take and apply to your own financial situation. You could even get your specific question answered -- every Friday, Farnoosh devotes her podcast to answering listener questions.

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3. Work Your Wealth

Mary Beth Storjohann is a financial planner who is dedicated to providing real, actionable financial advice to Gen X and Gen Y. She runs Workable Wealth, a financial planning firm in California -- and to help others better work their wealth, she uses her blog, book, and recently launched podcast.

The Work Your Wealth podcast covers everything from mastering your career and negotiating a better salary to figuring out if you should buy a home with student loans and how many bank accounts you should have.

Storjohann brings authors, business owners, and industry experts onto the show to take a comprehensive view of your financial life from a variety of angles. She also uses her own expertise and experience to share financial advice you can use right now.

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