6 Movies That Celebrate the Success of Women

The relationship between women and their money, or at least as it's been portrayed on film, has always been a little off. For every Norma Rae, there's ten Rebecca Bloomwoods running around and spending like there's no tomorrow. Whether you are in need of a little inspiration for your own finances, or just want to settle down and watch a few strong women work their magic, these movies are for you.

"9 to 5"

Not only does this movie have the best theme song ever written, it also perfectly illustrates what it's like to work in a male-dominated office...minus the S&M stuff. Available on Amazon.

"Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work"

This extremely personal documentary gets into the head of one of the most talented performers in show business. Joan fought her way up the ladder, one joke at a time. Did you know she was the first female host of a late-night show? Available on Amazon.

"A League of Their Own"

In this excellent movie, a bunch of women who know exactly what they're doing are being bossed around by a drunken has-been who takes all the credit for their successes. The ladies travel the country and are hugely popular — all while earning twice what they made at the dairy back home. Available on Amazon.


The story of Frida Kahlo's tumultuous love with her overbearing husband is something we've all be through, albeit on a much smaller scale. Kahlo eventually earns a degree of financial and political success through her work. Available on Amazon.

"Norma Rae"

Norma Rae is the most entertaining movie about unionizing you'll ever see, hands down. This one isn't available for streaming yet, so check your library!


This highly intellectual film dives deep into the cutthroat world of investment bankers, IPOs, and office politics. Available on Vudu.