What Can I Do if My 1099 Is Incorrect?

A 1099 is used to report income that you don't receive as regular wages, such as if you work as an independent contractor, or if you receive interest income. When you receive a 1099 form from a payer, you should review it for accuracy. If incorrect information is listed on the 1099, it can pose problems on your tax return, possibly resulting in your paying either more or less in federal taxes than you are supposed to.

Contact The Payer

When you receive your 1099, it comes from the payer of the taxable income. The Internal Revenue Service simply refers to this individual or organization as the payer. If anything on the 1099 form is incorrect, you cannot file your taxes using it. Instead, you need to contact the payer about the incorrect form. Request that the payer send you a corrected 1099 form.

Contact The IRS

If you cannot reach the payer, or you have, but the payer has not yet sent you a corrected form, you can get help from the Internal Revenue Service. Call the IRS for assistance with the toll-free number 800–829–1040. Give the IRS representative your name, your address, your phone number, your Social Security Number, the payer's name, the payer's address, and the payer's phone number, plus your dates of employment as a contractor or any other relevant dates for the income. When you do this, the IRS will contact the payer to get the corrected 1099 for you.

Substitute Form

If your corrected 1099 form has not arrived and you are almost out of time to file your federal income taxes, you must download form 4852 from the IRS website (IRS.gov). The form is only to be used as a substitute 1099 form. On the form, you can enter in the correct information for your 1099.

Amended Return

If you receive a corrected 1099 form after you file form 4852, you must file an amended return. When the payer sends you the corrected 1099 form, a copy is also sent to the IRS. You can download form 1040X from the IRS website, which is the amended tax return form. Complete this form with the corrected 1099 to amend your tax return with the corrected information.

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