Cheap Way to Groom a Schnauzer Yourself

Schnauzers, a breed of dogs originating from Germany, are well-known for their unique bearded snouts. There are three distinct breeds, which are the standard, giant and miniature Schnauzers. The Schnauzer is an active dog that requires exercise, a healthy diet and regular grooming. The same grooming techniques are required for each of the three breeds. Grooming can be costly; fortunately, there are cheap ways to groom your Schnauzer at home.

You can give your Schnauzer a professional grooming the cheap way.

Brush your Schnauzer's face, leg and other areas of the body to remove mat using a pet grooming brush.

Shampoo your dog with a mild dog shampoo, then dry it thoroughly with a blow-dryer set on the lowest setting.

Trim your Schnauzer's fur with a medium range clipper. Determine how low you want to cut the fur, then choose the appropriate size blade. Size 8 or 10 is recommended for a more even look.

Move the clipper downward, starting from the base of the Schnauzer's skull and down to its tail. Trim the chest hair downward, stopping at the dog's shoulders.

Trim the legs upward at a 45-degree angle. Use scissors to do the finishing touches on the legs and tails. Trim the tip of the tail in a rounded look.

Trim against the grain of the hair when grooming your Schnauzer's cheeks and throat. Use blunt-tip scissors to neatly groom areas such as the ears and eyes.

Cut the Schnauzer's nails with a nail clipper.