How to Claim "Section 8 Rental Income" on Taxes

When you rent to a Section 8 tenant, the Housing Authority, or HA, that runs the program in your area will send you a 1099-C form reporting the amount of rent it paid you in the previous year. The HA will also send this information to the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. Your renters will not provide 1099 forms but you must still report all income you receive from their portion of the rent. Failing to report Section 8 rental income may lead to fines or imprisonment for tax evasion.


Step 1

Download the Schedule E tax form from the IRS website. Put your name and Social Security number at he top of the page.

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Step 2

Supply the address of the property and the property type, such as single-family unit, duplex or multi-family property, in the first section. If you used the property as your residence for more than two weeks, indicate that by marking the box labeled "Yes." If not, mark "No."


Step 3

Give the total amount of rent you received on line three. This includes the tenant's portion of the rent and the amount Section 8 paid.


Step 4

Include expenses you incurred from the rental property and any depreciation on lines five through 20.


Step 5

Subtract the expense and depreciation from the income you received to get the total taxable rental income. Include this number on line 17 of form 1040.



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