How to Find the Disbursement Date of My Student Loan

When you apply for or accept a student loan, the funds are not immediately sent to your school. Instead, the lender disburses the funds near the time when each semester's tuition is due. Interest does not begin accruing on your loan until the disbursement date, so knowing the date can help you figure out how much interest you will owe. In addition, you might need to know the disbursement date to consolidate your student loan later. You have several options for how to look up the disbursement date on each student loan.

Step 1

Contact your school's financial aid office and ask for its records of when each loan was disbursed. The loan money is sent to the financial aid office, so the office will know when it arrived. This method has the advantage of providing federal student loan and private student loan information in one place.

Step 2

Check your personal credit report for free through the Annual Credit Report website. The credit report will list each federal and private student loan separately, along with when the account was opened. This is the disbursement date. However, it might include only the month and year, rather than the full date.

Step 3

Navigate to the National Student Loan Data System website and enter your personal information to locate all of your student loans issued through the federal government. After the website has listed all of your loans, click on each one to find its disbursement date. This method will not find private student loans.

Step 4

Review your online account or paper statement from your lender to look up your loan's disbursement date. It should be clearly included in the loan information section.


If your loan has not yet been disbursed, ask your financial aid for the estimated disbursement date. However, this does not guarantee that funds will arrive on that day. If your loan includes money beyond tuition to help with your living costs, knowing the disbursement date can help you plan how to pay your bills.

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