How to Find Who Insures a Property

Finding out who insures a property can be tricky.

Although insurance on a property is not required by law, most mortgage companies providing the financing on a home do require that a policy be in place before they will fund the loan. Since most people do have a loan on their property, most properties do have some level of insurance. There are many reasons why you might want to know who insures a particular property. It is possible to find out what company insures a home, but since it is not public information, you may have difficulty obtaining this information.


Step 1

Contact the owner of the property. This is the simplest and most legal method of finding out who insures the property. They may be willing to provide you with the information.

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Step 2

Find out which company holds the mortgage on the home. This information will appear on the tax records for the home, which are public records. You can search these records at the city or county offices where they are kept, usually a courthouse.


Step 3

If you can't find the tax records, you can request a title search on the home to find out who owns it and what liens exist against the property.


Step 4

Contact the mortgage company that holds the lien on the home. In some cases, they may be willing to tell you which insurance company provides the policy for that home.


Step 5

Find out who owned the home previously. If they sold the home to the current owner, they may have some record of which insurance company took over the policy


Although no one is required to provide you with this information, being open and honest about why you need it will often make them more willing to help. If you are seeking this information in connection with a legal issue, such as activities at a neighbor's home, you should contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and not take matters into your own hands.


Never attempt to obtain information by illegal means such as looking at another person's mail.

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