How Long Before I Can Take out Cash if I Deposit a Check via ATM?

Availability of funds at ATMs depends on when and where they are deposited.
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Each credit union or bank may have its own rules about the availability of funds after a deposit, and that information must be clearly posted or otherwise made available to the customer. However, the Federal Reserve Board determines the maximum time a depositor must wait before being able to access her funds.

Availability of Deposit

Availability of funds is based on business days -- any days that are not a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday. Cash deposited with a bank employee is typically available the next business day, but it can take two days for a cash deposit at an automated teller machine, or ATM, owned by the depositor's bank or credit union to be available. If the cash deposit is made at an ATM not owned by the depositor's bank or credit union, it can take up to five business days for the funds to become available for withdrawal.

Some situations lengthen the time between a deposit and fund availability. For instance, if the bank or credit union considers 3 p.m. as the close of its business day, any cash deposit after the cutoff time is considered deposited the following business day, adding a day to the time the funds are available for withdrawal.