What Is an Affidavit of No Other Insurance?

An affidavit of no insurance is a written statement made by a person verifying that he does not have liability insurance covering a claim or lawsuit filed against him for injuries or property damage. The affidavit is a legal document, signed under oath or an affirmation. Often, the injured person can obtain an affidavit of no insurance from the liable party and pursue other potential insurance to cover her damages.


Types of Claims

An affidavit of no insurance is a document used in various kinds of liability claims or lawsuits, such as auto accidents, premises liability and business liability claims.

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The person without insurance acknowledges that he is at least 18 years old and admits that he was involved in an accident or was the owner of the property where the incident occurred.


No Insurance

The affidavit acknowledges that the signer does not have liability insurance and, depending on the situation, will also stipulate that there is no other household or employer insurance coverage that may be applicable. An example of a statement may read, "I did not have any insurance policy in effect covering the incident on the date in question."


Oath or Affirmation

The signer of the affidavit agrees and testifies, before a notary, that the statements made therein are true and accurate, upon information and belief. A typical oath or affirmation may read, "I certify that the above is true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing is willfully false, I am subject to punishment," according to a New Jersey affidavit for PIP benefits.



Executing an affidavit of no insurance allows the injured person to pursue other avenues of insurance. The prerequisite to filing a claim for alternative avenues of insurance is a properly signed affidavit of no insurance from the liable party.