What is Comprehensive Insurance at State Farm?

At State Farm Insurance, the most basic auto insurance coverage starts with personal and property liability protection, with additional package options based on your budget, your state's minimum insurance requirements, and whether your vehicle is leased or owned. Understanding how comprehensive coverage works at State Farm can help you draft a policy that suits your budget and individual needs when it comes to claim time.

Comprehending Comprehensive

At State Farm, comprehensive insurance can be purchased as part of a full-coverage plan for an additional premium, and will usually require a separate, additional deductible. As long as the damage was not caused by a vehicle collision or a rollover, State Farm's comprehensive coverage will pay restitution vehicle repair or replacement. Typical claims include damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism, acts of God such as hail, winds and floods, and collisions with animals.

According to Insure.com, no state in the U.S. requires comprehensive coverage as part of your legal minimum insurance requirement. You are only required to buy comprehensive insurance from State Farm if the bank lender you leased or financed your vehicle from demands full coverage. Once your car is paid off and is therefore less valuable, you can drop the comprehensive from your overall State Farm policy.

Why Comprehensive?

The State Farm Insurance website recommends that drivers consider comprehensive insurance, particularly if you cannot afford to repair or replace your vehicle after a damaging incident. If you're considering skipping comprehensive because of budgetary issues, State Farm reminds drivers that the cumulative premiums they pay may equal less than the total cost of replacing a car, so the value of your vehicle should be taken into consideration as well.


If you're budget is strained and comprehensive coverage seems like a luxury you cannot afford, State Farm offers various discounts to help keep your overall yearly premiums down and your coverage more expansive. If you are a student or senior, own a new or theft-protected vehicle, or have an excellent driving record, discounts are readily available. Savings are also passed on when you purchase your auto insurance with other State Farm policies such as home or renters insurance, or if you insure more than one vehicle.

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