How to Break a Lease for a Ford Car

How to Break a Lease for a Ford Car
Break your Ford lease to get rid of your car and payments.


Locate a copy of your leasing contract. If you cannot find one, then contact your Ford leasing company and request a copy of the contract.

Read the early termination clause in your leasing contract. It should have an explanation of how the penalties and fees for an early termination are calculated.

Calculate the early termination fee that you'll have to pay, using a copy of your latest bill. If you cannot find one, contact your local Ford leasing company to have a copy sent to you.

Bring the car, along with a check for the early termination fee, to the Ford leasing company. Explain that you want to break the lease on your car and are prepared to pay the penalties.

Sign the paperwork and give your check to the Ford leasing employee.


Contact your Ford leasing company and ask if you can transfer your lease to another qualified person.

Find someone willing to assume the remainder of your lease. One way to find a person is with a lease transfer company (see "Resources"). These companies can match you with someone who wants to assume a car lease.

Pay the fee and create your profile, if you choose to use a company.

Talk to the person who will assume your lease about how they will pick up your car. Determine who will pay the lease transfer fees to Ford.

Go with the person to your Ford leasing company. Ask them to transfer the lease to her. They will have to check her credit and create a new contract before the lease can be transferred. If you found her through an online company, they may negotiate the transfer with your leasing company, so you won't have to go in person to the leasing company.

Sign the forms and give the Ford to the person who assumed the lease.