How to Turn in Coins for Cash

Convert your coins to cash using a converting machine at a nearby grocery store.

When you have a lot of coins that need to be cashed in, you may encounter resistance from merchants. After all, it's a very time-consuming task. For that reason, it is best to organize your own coins as you save them. If you fail to organize "as you go," there are places that will still allow you to convert your coins to cash, without being humiliated by a resisting merchant.

Step 1

Contact your local bank (or credit union) to find out whether or not coins need to be rolled or unrolled. If unrolled, skip to step three.

Step 2

Organize your coins into rolls. You can purchase coin wrapper paper from most department stores. Some banks also provide free wrappers to customers. When rolling your coins, be sure not to mix coins. There is an exact amount of coins that must go into each roll.

Pennies – 50 per roll (Total = $.50) Nickels – 40 per roll (Total = $2) Dimes - 50 per roll (Total = $5) Quarters – 40 per roll (Total = $10) Half Dollar Coins - 20 per roll (Total = $10) Dollar Coins - 25 per roll (Total = $25)

Step 3

Take your coins to the bank. Advise the bank representative that you would like to cash in your coins. The bank representative will count your coins to determine how much cash you are due to receive. Depending upon the bank, you may be charged a fee for converting your coins to cash.

Step 4

Take loose coins to a coin machine, such as those that are located in many grocery stores. To turn the coins into cash, dump the loose coins into the machine. Wait for the machine to calculate the amount of cash that is due. Take your cash from the machine. A service fee will be deducted from your cash-back amount. The fee will vary by service provider.