How to Determine Annual Salary From W-2 Forms

Anytime you work for an employer, that employer is required to send you a Form W-2 for federal income tax purposes. A Form W-2 includes an employee's wages and tax deductions for a specific calendar year--January 1 through December 31. It is easy to lose track of your total annual earnings if you have more than one job. However, you can easily figure out your annual salary from your W-2 forms in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

Gather all of the W-2 forms that you received for a calendar year.

Step 2

Confirm that your information is correct. It is important that you have the correct W-2 forms in your possession for the appropriate tax year. So check the forms to see that your name, Social Security number, address, employer's contact information and the tax year is accurate on each form.

Step 3

Locate Box 1 (Wages, tips, other compensation) on your Form W-2 and write down the amount that appears in that box. Complete this step for each W-2 you received for that year.

Step 4

Calculate your annual salary by adding up the amounts that you wrote down from your W-2 forms to determine your annual salary.


Immediately contact your employer if you find any errors on your W-2 form.