Qualifications for Partial Disability in Arkansas

Partial disability is available to some workers in Arkansas.

Arkansas state code not only provides protection for fully disabled workers, but also covers the topic of partial disability. It is important to understand the specific state laws governing disability in Arkansas and who qualifies for what. The specifics of each condition are listed in the state code to help settle disputes between employers, insurance companies, and the injured workers themselves.

Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary partial disability in the state of Arkansas occurs when a worker has a temporary injury that forces him to work in a lesser capacity than when in full health. In this case, if a worker can still work but only at a lower paying job than what he previously held, the difference in income is made up with temporary partial disability payments. Arkansas state law allows for this type of coverage until the worker returns to full health and his previous position.

Permanent Partial Disability

According to the state of Arkansas, permanent partial disability is when a worker can no longer perform the full duties of her old job but is able to work at a less strenuous job that may pay less. In this situation, the worker qualifies for permanent partial disability payments, which will help to make up the difference in salary.

Official Mediation

Under Arkansas state law the injured worker must see a licensed and qualified doctor to determine if he qualifies for disability. If there is a dispute over the level of injury, a worker possesses the right to challenge the doctor's original conclusions and get a second opinion. Official mediation is conducted by a legal adviser of the state's Workers' Compensation Commission at a disability hearing.