How Long Can You Finance a Boat Loan?

Length of boat loan terms vary by creditor.

Some 30-Year-Term Loans Exist

Some creditors, including many that are accessible online, do offer 30-year boat loan terms, similar to conventional 30-year home loans. The length of loans vary by lender, though. While some credit companies offer longer terms, some traditional banks have shorter loan periods.

Shorter Loan Terms Save Money

A shorter loan payoff saves you money in interest. Some recommend that you pay your boat off as quickly as you can afford to so you save in interest over time. Traditional banks often offer new and used boat loans, with the longest term close to 96 months.

Bottom Line

If you want to spread out the cost of paying off your boat, you can find 30-year loans. But be aware that there is the possibility of fraud with online creditors. You would also pay more in interest to pay off your loan in such an extended period. Given the size of your investment, you might prefer the cautious approach of a conventional bank and a modest loan term.