The Average Interest Rate on a Savings Account

The Average Interest Rate on a Savings Account
Savings accounts are available through private banks and federal credit unions.

Average APY

According to CNN Money, the average annual percentage yield on a savings account in the United States was just 0.06 percent in 2013. This means that if you nested away $100,000 in the average savings account, it would net you an additional $60 in interest over the course of one year.

Higher Interest Yields

Some banks offer substantially above-average interest yields on savings accounts. Seeking out a savings account with a high APY can net you significantly more. For example, your $100,000 in a bank with a 0.5 percent annual interest rate would give you $500 in yearly interest, while a 1 percent APY would give you $1,000 per year. Online banks may be the place to save; both Forbes and CNN Money report that online savings accounts had the highest APYs in 2013.