How to Apply for a New Credit Card With a High Credit Limit

Get the credit card you need.

Having a credit card can be a real convenience. Simple things like booking a hotel room or renting a car can be very difficult without a credit card, so applying for a brand-new credit card with a higher credit limit is one of the best ways to get the things you need. But before you can get that high credit limit, you need to prove to the issuer that you are a good credit risk.

Step 1

Obtain a copy of your credit report from all three credit reporting bureaus. The best place to obtain a free copy of all three credit reports is at This is the official site where consumers can get the free annual credit reports to which they are entitled.

Step 2

Review your credit reports carefully and report any inaccurate information to the credit bureau immediately. It is important that the credit issuer have a true picture of your creditworthiness, especially if you are seeking a high credit limit.

Step 3

Complete the application for the credit card you want. It is often helpful to apply for a credit card at a bank where you already have an established relationship, either through a deposit account or a loan. Be sure to include all sources of income, including your wages, interest, self-employment income and any other income. Showing a higher income will give you a better chance at getting the high credit limit you seek.

Step 4

Contact the credit card issuer when your new card arrives and ask for a credit line increase if the credit limit is not what you had hoped. You might need to speak to a supervisor to get the credit limit increased.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit report

  • Income information