Disadvantages of Retirement

Consider the pros and cons of retirement.

Retirement is a dream for many people, but those retirement years do not always turn out the way you expect. Retirement can have its own drawbacks, and workers who are contemplating an early departure from work should think things over carefully before making a final decision.



Many retirees call it a career, only to find that they are incredibly bored sitting home each day. Workers should consider the potential for boredom carefully before turning in their resignations. Taking up a new hobby before retirement is one of the best ways to combat boredom. Looking for volunteer opportunities in your area is another way to fight boredom and give back to your community after your working years are over.


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Lack of Personal Interaction

Many retirees find that what they miss most about their jobs is the day-to-day interaction with their coworkers. Going from full-time work to full-time retirement can be quite a shock, especially for hardworking and outgoing individuals. Before retiring, it is a good idea for workers to make a list of the things they like most about their jobs. Chances, are day-to-day interaction and intelligent conversations will be on the list. Workers who find that they miss the daily interaction with their bosses and coworkers might want to consider a part-time job to provide the stimulation they are missing.


Economic Insecurity

Retiring too soon or being forced into early retirement can leave you feeling unsure and insecure about your economic situation. While Social Security provides a cushion for older retirees, those funds are rarely enough to provide a comfortable retirement. Workers who retire before they are eligible for Social Security will need to rely on the nest eggs they have built during their working years, and if those funds do not stretch far enough, those early retirees might find themselves heading back into the workforce.