How to Calculate Unrealized Profit

How to Calculate Unrealized Profit
Calculate your unrealized profit so that you can see how your investments are doing.

Determine the current value of the investment. As an example, say a person has 1000 shares of company X. When she logs on to her brokerage account, she sees the value of those shares is worth $10,000. This is the current value.

Subtract the amount of the initial investment. For the example, suppose that the investor bought those 1000 shares for $5000.

Subtract the initial investment from the current value in order to get unrealized profit. For the example, the math would be:

$10,000 - $5,000 = $5,000 or

Current Value - Initial Value = Unrealized Profit.

Calculate your entire portfolio. You can go through your entire portfolio of stocks, mutual funds and real estate and perform this calculation to get the unrealized profit of each investment. Then add them together to get the total unrealized profit for your entire portfolio.