How to Borrow From SEP IRAs

How to Borrow From SEP IRAs
Done properly, a rollover has no tax consequences.

Withdraw money from your SEP IRA by filling out the appropriate forms from the financial institution that has custody of your account. Provide your account number, name, address, Social Security number and how you want the money disbursed to you. Most financial institutions can directly deposit it into your bank account or issue you a check.

Put the money you receive toward whatever purpose you need. The IRS does not require you to document how the money was used between the time you receive it and the time you redeposit it.

Deposit the money into a tax-deferred retirement account within 60 days. You can put the money back into the same account or into a different tax-deferred account, a traditional IRA, for example.

Use IRS form 1040 or 1040A to report the rollover as a nontaxable distribution. As of 2010, the amount is reported on line 11a of form 1040A or line 15a of form 1040. Write "Rollover" next to the amount.