How to Open a Checking Account for SSA Representative Payees

A representative payee is appointed by the Social Security Administration to manage the funds for someone who cannot handle his own financial affairs. To open a checking account as a Social Security Administration payee, you will need proper paperwork and identification. To become a representative payee, you must fill out an application at a Social Security office. You will receive a letter in the mail naming you as the representative payee.


Step 1

Go to a bank of your preference and inform an account services representative that you want to open a checking account as a representative payee.

Step 2

Provide a letter of authorization from the Social Security Administration along with additional identification -- a driver's license, passport, military ID or a state-issued ID. Provide also the name, Social Security number and date of birth of the beneficiary.

Step 3

Endorse the check issued by Social Security and give it to the bank representative as the opening deposit.


Step 4

Call the Social Security office from the bank and provide the routing number for the bank and the number of the checking account if you want monthly checks deposited directly into the checking account. Otherwise, the Social Security Administration will mail the check to your address every month.